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Garlic :   Helps to reduce cholesterol and blood fats. Antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Combats viral conditions. Protects against stomach cancers.
- ( K Zn Fe Se Bc ) allicin.
Onion:   Helps to prevent cancer and circulatory disorders. Helps to prevent heart disease. Reduces risks of bladder cancer in smokers.
- ( C K Bc ) quercetin, allicin.
Honey:   Reduces stomach ulcers. Helps in treating gastro-enteritis and is a soothing remedy for minor wounds and burns.
- ( K ) carbohydrate, sugar.
Tofu:   Prevents breast cancer. Reduces prostate cancer. Lowers blood cholesterol levels. Reduces the risks of osteoporosis and illiminates the symptoms of menopause.
- ( Ca Fe Bc ) protein, isoflavones.
Tomatoes:   Lowers the risk of prostate, mouth, esophagus, stomah, colon cancers. Reduces heart disease. Stimulates mental and physical activity in the elderly.
- ( C E ) lycopene, beta carotene.
Celery:   Useful in weight loss eating plans. Relieves high blood presure. Known for it's calming effects. Used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
- ( K Ca C ) phthalides, fiber.

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Nuts:   Boosts the immune system. Lowers cholesterol levels. Reduces the risks of heart and other age related diseases. Prevents osteoporosis.
- ( Fe E Ca ) protein, lignans.
Legumes:   Reduces the risk of heart disease. Control blood sugar levels. Lowers the risks of colon cancer. Prevents anemia. Maintains the proper levels of iron and calcium in the body.
- ( Ca Fe Zn ) protein, fiber.
Brassicas:   (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, turnips,kohlrabi, rutabaga, bok choy)Boosts the immune system. Prevents cancer. Prevents spina bifida. Prevents heart disease.
- ( C Ca Fe ) carotenes, indoles.
Root Vegetables:   Prevents blood clots and aterial blockages. Reduces the risks of heart disease. Prevents a variety of cancers. Protects against the damages caused by nicotein.
- ( K C Bc ) fiber, carotenes.
Rice:   Prived quick energy. Reduces the risks of colon cancer. Helps to maintain the nervous system. Reduces blood presure and cholesterol levels.
- ( B1 B3 K ) carbohydrate, fiber.
Oats:   Lowers blood cholesterol. Useful in weight-reduction diets. Suitable for people with diabetes.
- ( Fe Zn ) carbohydrate, insoluble fiber, protein.
Corn:   Lowers the risks of spina bifida in babies. Prevents heart disease. Reduces the risk of colon cancer.
- ( K P ) carbohydrate, niacin, fiber.
Wheat:   Prevents cancer of the colon. Lowers the risks of breast cancer. Prevents and cures arterial blockages. Lowers the risk of heart disease.
- ( K ) carbohydrate, fiber, phytosterols, protein.

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Seeds:   Helps to maintain prostate health. Relieves bowel problems. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Prevents anemia. Sooths symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.
- ( Zn E Ca ) protein, omega fatty acids.
Squashes and Pumkins:   Prevents cancer of the prostate. Contributes to the health of the retina and lens of the eye. Strengthens the immune system. Reduces the risk of heart disease.
- ( C K ) beta carotene, fiber.
Avocado:   Contributes to the prevention of heart disease. Boosts the immune system in the elderly. Improves male fertility.
- ( E K B6 ) monounsaturated fat, fiber.
Artichoke:   Lowers high cholesterol and fats in the blood. Protects against hepatitis. Increases the beneficial bateria level in the large intestine. Protects against skin cancer.
- ( K Fe ) cynarin, silymarin, inulin.

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Beets:   Helps prevent spina bifida in babies when taken in preganancy. Reduces the risks of heart disease. Helps control cholesterol levels. Useful refueling food for tired muscles.
- ( Bc C Fe ) fiber, anthocyanidins
Mushrooms:   Boosts the immune system by stimulating white blood cells. Has certain anti-cancer properties. Prevents blood clots by thinning the blood.
- ( K Bc ) lentinan, d-fraction, biotin
Sea Weed:   Protects against certain cancers. Useful source for Iron and Calcium.
- ( Ca K Fe ) iodine, carotene
Oils:   Reduces cholesterol and protects against heart disease. Slows the aging process. Helps in fighting infections and inflamatory skin diseases.
- ( E ) monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids
Herbs:   Fights food poisoning bacteria. Lessens the aging effect of pollution. Helps in the treatment of diabetes. Reduces cholesterol and blood presure. Protects against cancer.
- ( C E Bc Fe ) carotenes
Tea:   Helps in the prevention of heart disease. Lowers the risk of strokes in the elderly. Helps in the prevention of kidney failure. Helps stunting the growth of cancers.
- polyphenols, caffein

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Spices:   Reduces inflamation. Helps fight cancer. Relieves symptoms of menopause. Relieves colds and chills.
- eugenol, carvone, llimonene, cuminaldehyde
Oily Fish:   Relieves symptoms of psoriasis. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Maintains bone density. Prevents anemia.
- ( D E ) protein, EPA, DHA
Shellfish:   Important for male fertility. Provides nutrients for blood, bone and muscle functions. Helps in the prevention of cancer.
- ( Zn Se ) protein, EPA, DHA
Poultry and game birds:   Improves the blood and concentration levels. Prevents anemia.
- ( Fe Zn B12 ) protein, monosaturated fats
Lamb:   Prevents anemia. Builds and maintains body tissues. Maintains the nervous system.
- ( Fe Zn Se B12 ) protein
Berries:   Prevents varicose veins. Eases rheumatoid arthritis. Reduces the risks of cancer. Helps in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Has anti-bacterial properties.
- ( C K Bc ) anthocyanidins, fiber
Citrus Fruits:   Prevents cancer of the stomach and the colon. In large amounts reduces the risk of cataracts. Helps the body absorb Iron and reduces the risk of anemia.
- ( C Bc K ) lycopene, fiber

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