How To Stir Fry Without...
( Butter, Oil, or other fats )

Put 1/2 inch liquid ( broth, beer, white wine, tomato juice, fruit juice, water ect...)in a cast-iron or other heavy skillet. Heat the liquid to a boil. Add your combination of your favorite vegetables to the hot liquid and saute using the same method as with oil, adjusting the liquid content as needed and stiring until the vegetables are cooked. A small amount of Olive Oil or clarified butter ( Ghee ) may be added at the end of the cooking process if desired.

This method will require some experimentation as some vegetables contain more water than others and as such will need less liquid to cook, while others have a longer cooking time due to their density.

Heating oils to a high heat level cause them to become detrimental to your health. Using this method of StirFrying you assure yourself of a healthier final product which is every bit as tasty and much more nutritious than the fat-based method.

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