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The following is a collection of links to pages and sites that deal with the holistic and natural feeding of your most loyal and loving companion ... your dog. These are offered so that you, the visitor, will have information at your fingertips that will assist you in the best possible care for your dog. If you feel that there may be another site worth listing in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us here:

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We here at Life Research Universal prefer the home cooked or partially cooked method of feeding dogs, although this is a personal choice. For those wishing to feed raw, as supported by most holistic vets, we offer the following link to certified organic meats. These should be the only option when considering raw meat as traditional beef, pork, chicken ect... have been fed hormones, steroids and growth enhancers which are not recommended. Most meats in the USA and now some in Canada are also irradiated with gamma 8 radiation, also not ecommended. (see Irradiated Beef )
If you know of a valid link that would be benefitial to this section please forward it along. Thanks.

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