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This is Hanz, a drop-dead gorgeous dog !

Febuary 06,1987 - May 21,2002
to a good friend, a faithful, loyal and loving companion.


Rainbow Bridge (poem)


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By cliking on any of the links on the right you will find an assortment of pictures of HANZ from the time he was just a puppy to more recent pictures when he is in his old age. He "graduated" from this life in peace and dignity. His love and companionship has been a true blessing to all who had the pleasure to have known him.

HANZ started out just a five week old pup that could be held in the palm of one hand and grew to be over 80lbs. He has had a very long and illustrious canine career in his 15yrs plus of living, loving and "leaving his mark" on every tree, fence and blade of grass in 46 States and 7 Canadian Provinces.

He truly is a "Truckin' Puppy" ! We hope to be able to share with you here some of the scenery, as much as can be appreciated while travelling the many highways and Interstates found in N.America. Also included are some international pics that have been taken over the years. It is the desire of this site that your visit with us will be a pleasant one, so sit back, click away, and ENJOY !

A touching Story

A heart-warming story about understanding and having compassion on the weaknesses of others. You are free to copy it if you like.

Health for Dogs

Taking just a few minutes a day to care for your dog's health can avoid costly vet bills and improve your best friend's quality of life.

the Pooch Diaper

Has your life-long friend become incontinent ?
There's an alternative to taking him/her for the "big sleep".

Hanz Legacy

See how Hanz's life has affected others, and how his influence has changed the lives of performing dogs.

Animal Rescue
Please take a moment and click on this free link. By doing so you will be helping to feed abandoned and mistreated animals, and it won't cost you anything, the sponsors foot the bill.

Please help support Mira by visiting their site and making a donation. MIRA is a foundation that supplies, free of charge, guide dogs for the blind both young and old. A worthwhile cause with brave and dedicated participants.

Holistic Pet Care
Feeding Your Dog Naturally is a one-stop shop for holistic and natural feeding care for your dog as well as other pets. Many links are offered that will guide even the novice into a better and healthier life for your beloved friend. Hanz was a "Natural Dog".


Clicking on the link below will bring you to a Humane Society of America's investigation into what amounts to probably the most cruel and despicable practice perpetrated upon defenseless puppies and kittens by :
China , Thailand, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Denmark and France just to make a buck.
Be prepared to be shocked and repulsed ! Please report these immoral offenders to us here and we will publish their names of shame .

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