Although the recipes included in this section were originally intended for people they have found favour with Hanz and other dogs as well. A note of caution though: just as cholcolate should not be fed to dogs neither should onions, as they contain Vitamin C and dogs already produce all the Vitamin C they need. Giving them more may actually be toxic to them and is counter-indicated. Simply do not include them in the recipe.

Lamb Stew Turkey Meatloaf Tuna Caserole
Cabbage Soup Healthy Muffins ReFried Beans
Country Lentil Soup SantaFe Barley Salad Millet / Vegetable Gratine
Sweet Quinoa Salad Thai Rice w/ Currants Oatmeal Cookies
N.Am.Bouillabaisse Grilled Lamb Indian Lamb Kebab
North Sea Chowder Caramelized Salmon Lamb/Tomato Bread
Cretons...Pate Dumplings Tea Brack
Turkey BBQ ! Stuffed Turkey Spirals Lamb Cold Cuts
Hot Chili Bread Apple Crumble Doggie Cookies
Banana Bread Comind Soon Coming Soon

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