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The photos on this page are of our 15year old Hanz. He has had a long and varied life travelling the highways and rural routes of Canada and the USA. Now in his twilight days, he has become incontinent. Most people, when they see this happening to their beloved pet think that he/she is suffering and have them "put down". This is not necessary. An animal becomes incontinent for the same reasons that people do, they get old and are no longer able to "hold it" as well.

This does not mean that the dog is suffering at all. Hanz has already surpassed his life's expectancy by a year over the maximum forcasted for his type and size dog. For the better part of that year he has shown signs of incontinency. Rather than to have him "put to sleep" for getting old we have opted for the total care approach.

We took the example of the elderly in our society, who are still productive and valuable members of our families and applied this to our dog. They make special undergarments for the elderly and those with retention problems and so we thought of doing the same for Hanz. The plan worked ! And worked marvelously well. The photos below are a testimony to the fact that in no way is Hanz incumbered by his "Pooch Diaper".

Do you have a dog that is getting up in age and has manifested signs of incontinency and are you torn about how to proceed? You don't have to destroy your beloved pet, get him/her a Pooch Diaper set. We custom make these upon request.For more info please use the contact page.

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