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How often has it been said that in order to be healthy you had to almost starve yourself to death. That simply is not true. Just as not every car on the road is a Ferrari the same goes for your body type; not everyone is built the same. What is important is the health of your body; the arteries, the vital organs ( including the brain ), the immune system, the nervous system, and right on out to the actual texture and color of the skin. Every aspect is important and all work as a whole where good health is concerned. Conditions such as allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many others can be greatly improved upon and in cases completely healed from something as simple as good eating habits.

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Some little known information may be a shock to some; that, we, as a N.American society, consume 3 to 4 times the daily required fat intake in our diets. Since 1919 our daily intake of fat has risen from 27 to 40%. Today, over 25% of N.Americans are clinically obese. 25% of our children are 20% or more over their ideal body weight. The following are some helpful tables on the subject:

Fat Facts


Daily Requirements :

Saturated? Mono,Poly-Unsaturated?


The "Fat Formula" is really the cornerstone of weight management.


This information that can be used when purchasing certain foods in bulk. When you go to the deli or meat counter where food is only wrapped when purchased and you don't get the benefit of a label to read thereby making it difficult to determine the fat percentage of the purchased item. Well, now you can go to the butcher's and know what you are getting before you get there.


Many foods are fine on their own, but by adding condiments or spreads you push them over the threshold of acceptable fat content. Be concious of the various combinations you are making as you could be defeating the whole purpose of what you are trying to accomplish.


Here are some pointers:

Avoid adding everything you eat in a day.
Forget counting every fat gram in a day.
You have better things than math to do.


A more simplified way of getting to the goal is: First of all decide your personal percentage level. After, make sure that all items in your home conforms to this standard. Learn the fat contents of your favorite foods at your favorite restaurant and make appropriate changes.

Saturated Fat In :

Where to find the Fat :

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It is important to know your food, to learn to control and plan what you buy, and not just act out of habit. The methods, above all other influences, will determine whether or not the end product will be beneficial to your health or not.

Using top quality ingredients and health-concious methods greatly improves the over-all results impacting upon our well-being.






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