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Lecithin 1000mg/day
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Many of the larger dogs develop what is called hip or elbow displacia, which in simple terms means that they get all stiff in the joints, which, if left untreated, can cause great pain and more to your pet. Traditional veterinary medicine is not much different than traditional human medicine; you come in complaining of pain and they turn around and give you pills. Hardly a solution, more like masking the problem until it gets so bad that you feel you have "no choice" put to have your beloved pet euthanized. We, on the other hand, have found that giving your dog a 1000mg capsule of Lecithin (a natural soy oil) every second day from the time they become adult (about 2 years of age) and increasing this to every day later when they reach old age (varies with the breed, generally 6-9 years)combined with the same frequency of 200 IU of Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol, the most active form of the vitamin E family) will have miraculous effects on helping to thwart off this cripling condition.

Vitamin E 200 IU/day The above mentioned condition was the case with Hanz (pictured throughout the site). The vet gave him pills but seemed to just accept that this is the way it goes with these breeds. Wrong answer ! It took time for the overall effect of this natural treatment of Lecithin/Vitamin E to show (about 4 months) as all natural treatments are more preventative than they are in healing an already advanced situation, so it took time, but he soon began running and playing and defending himself against the attacks of other dogs, all of which he was not able to do because his hips hurt so much that he didn't have the stability required to function properly. The above Vitamins and supplements are available at the health food store or pharmacy and in some cases the supermarket.


Dog Dish




I Love You !
"I Love You !"

How often do you serve a meal by putting fresh food on top on the leftovers on a dirty plate ? Disgusting thought huh? Then why do so many do this exact thing when it comes to feeding their most loyal and loving friend...their dog ? It is just as important to see to the cleanliness of your pet's "dishes" as it is your own. We wash Hanz's out with soap and water everyday before putting fresh food or water in them. When a dog eats he then immediately goes over to the water bowl and rinses out his mouth, just like when you go brush and rinse after a meal, and for the same reason. Would you consider going back and using the same rinse water you used the last time you cleaned your teeth ? Of course not ! So why expect your dog to do it ? Sediments collect on the bottom and sides of your dog's water bowl as a result of this cleaning process which is why you have to get in there with a brush and some dish soap and clean it ! Your dog is also vulnerable to disease through bacteria and unsanitary conditions, like you are . Do you like being sick ? Of course you don't ! Your dog would much rather be alert and healthy so he can do what he does available to you night or day to engage in whatever activity you choose even if just to lay at your feet adoringly and all without complaint because he loves you and wants to please you. Is it too much to ask that you should show him a little love and respect too ? Clean his dishes. He'll be old and gone soon enough, let's try to make the time in between a healthy one.

Other Considerations
• ear cleaning • clean teeth • nail clipping • brush often
• daily walks • flea/tick med • clean bed • love/hugs


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