Let's compare cooking methods

Fried with the skin: 45% Floured and fried w/ out skin: 35% Skinless broiled breast: 19%
BBQ'ed: 25% Grilled white meat: 20% Smoked: 15%
Pan fried: 73% Broiled: 48%
Oven w/lemon & butter: 45% Oven w/lemon & margarine: 45% Oven without fat added: 14%


A typical restaurant breakfast usually consists of : eggs,bacon w/ham. Then, fry the lot in 100% fat. The bacon is: 81% fat, The Ham is: 70% fat, The eggs are: 63% fat. It's a no-brainer, for sure!

As you can see, it makes a big difference how a food is prepared and cooked. Now all you have to do is exercise your God-given majesty of choice and decide if this is what you want or not. Simple! Want to stir-fry without fat ? Click ( here ).

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