Calcium Sources part 2

Amounts are in one cup (6oz) servings except where noted
This category is for Green Leafy Vegetables (cooked unless specified)
Food Calcium in Mg
Wild Greens (lamb's quarters, wild onions) 350
Broccoli 150
Spinach 278
Beet Greens 165
Bok Choy 200
Mustard Greens 150
Rhubarb 348
Raw Watercress 53
Dandelion Greens 147
This category is for Sea Vegetables (cooked unless specified)
Food Calcium in Mg
Hijiki 610
Wakame 520
Kombu (kelp) 305
Agar-agar (dry flakes) 400
This category is for Fish (bones: the major source of calcium in fish)
Food Calcium in Mg
Salmon (canned) 431
Raw Oysters 226
This category is for Mineral Waters in 1 litre (approx 1 quart) amounts.
Food Calcium in Mg
Perrier 140
Medocino 380
San Pelligrino 200
Apollinaris 91
Contexeville 451
This category is for other reliable high sources of calcium.
Food Calcium in Mg
Tempeh (4oz, classed a bean or legume) 172
BlackstrapMolasses (1 tbs) 137
Corn Tortillas (2) 120
Kanten Flakes (used as a thickener for sauces) (1 cup dry) 567
All are excellent high sources of Calcium without the fat and cholesterol found in dairy.


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