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The Life Research Universal umbrella domain is the result of years of personal education,rersearch and experiences. It is brought to you free of charge in the hope that what has been learned by the people associated with the site may be used for your betterment; psysically, mentaly and spiritualy.

At present there are 4 main topics; Health (based on naturopathic and holistic health and nutritional education), Hanz (the dog), Love (Christian content), and Biodiesel, an ecologically friendly way of making fuel from used cooking oil.

From time to time there are updates and additions to the site's main sections, although these have been kept seperate as sites within a site with only the main index tying them together. This allows the reader to select a subject of interest from the index and then not have to return to it in order to further explore the subject of his/her chosen desire. Each section is an independant site on it's own.

For questions regarding any subject we encourage you to use the "Contact" page's form. Please be sure to be specific about the subject and which section it refers to. We hope that you enjoy your visit with us.


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