Surprising Tuna Caserole

The cooking process:
Cook pasta in broth.Before pasta gets done add the brocholi, zuchinni and garlic. Cook until pasta is "al dente" (a little hard on the tooth).You will not be draining the pasta so try to make it so that all the broth is absorbed.
Add the cheese, the legumes and the tuna to the hot noodles.
Stir in gently, allow to stand 5-10minutes and serve.

Mediteranian style: Add tomatoes and pitted olives
Louisianna style: Add smoked low-fat turkey sausage, and some "greens".
Chinese style: Add quality dark soya sauce, waterchestnuts, bokchoy.

The beans can be substituted for any of your favorite legumes.
Not crazy about tuna? Use chicken breast.

Be Creative !
450gr (1lb) durum wheat semolina pasta(choice)
1 med can rinsed red kidney beans
1 med can rinsed black beans
2 sm cans tuna packed in water(drained)
1 litre(quart) vegetable broth
2 garlic cloves chopped
1/2 cup low-fat cheese
2 diced sm zuchinni
2 chopped brocholi heads
Salt & Pepper

Nuticious Pasta
The word pasta means "paste" and most pastas start with a paste of wheat flour and water. Except for eggnoodles, no pasta contains eggs: the creamy golden color comes from the durum wheat. Pasta comes in so many shapes and sizes that you could probably eat a different variety every day for a year. A one cup serving of cooked pasta contains 190 calories, about 1gram of fat and NO cholesterol. A complex carbohydrate, pasta is a good low-fat source of protein as well as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and Iron. Great stuff !

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