Tabbouleh !

Pour boiling liquid over the bulgar wheat. Cover and let stand for 30 minutes. Mix in other ingredients and refrigerate after having achieved room temperatutre.


Greek Flare:
Add crumbled feta cheese, sliced black olives.


Green onion can be changed for red onions. Peeled, seeded and cubed cucumber can also be added. Some enjoy cubed zuchinni in this mix.

Serve on a bed of Romain lettuce or as a side for lamb michoui or grilled chicken. Spoon into a lettuce lined pita w/ chicken or falafel for a great sandwich.

Tastes Great !
180ml bulgar wheat
240ml boiling liquid (water/broth)
2 chopped tomatoes
60ml chopped green onions w/stems
240ml fresh parsley
60ml fresh chopped mint
OR 2 tsp dry mint
juice of 2 lemmons
120ml 1st cold pressed olive oil
chopped garlic to taste
1tsp sea salt

Bulgar Benefits
Bulgar wheat, a good source of carbohydrates and proteins, is made from wheat kernels that have been steamed and dried. After some of the bran is removed the remaining hard-wheat kernels are crushed into small pieces. One half cup contains 114 calories and less than 1/2gram of fat. Bulgar is available in a variety of grain sizes. Choose the finer crushed bulgar for tabbouleh. Because bulgar is pre-cooked it only needs a brief soaking before using.

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