Sauce a l'Orange for broiled fish

Combine all ingredients in a pan and heat until liquid has reduced by half. Check your seasonings. Serve on top of the fish of your choice.

We can replace the tomatoes with 1/4 cup red or white wine.

For a Teriaki flare replacement recipe : mix 1 cup light soya sauce, 1cup orange juice, 2 tbs honey, ginger to taste, the zest of one orange, garlic to taste.
Heat until reduced by half. At the end add 2 tbs sesame seeds.

This makes an excellent ,marinade for seafood brochettes. Or, if you prefer, baste your BBQ'd fish with it.

Goes especially well with:
Tuna, Red Snapper and Salmon. Also works with BBQ chicken or chicken brochettes. Try it with BBQ'd duck !

2 cups orange juice
1/2 cup chopped green onion
Salt & Pepper
1 red bell pepper cut in short strips
1 green bell pepper cut in short strips
2 small peeled,chopped,
emptied tomatoes
2 tbs fresh corriander or parsley

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