Salsa Piquante

Mix ingredients and let stand in the refrigerator. Add more vege juice(V8) if too thick.
Serve with low-fat corn chips.

Other uses:
1- Thin out mixture w/ vege juice and cook your rice in it.
2- Use as a base in a cold macroni salad.
3- Spoon on top of baked or broiled fish. Or bake the fish (or chicken) in it.
4- Add to the mix some cooked shrimp
5- An excellent topping on burritos.

Gazpacho! : Add to the lot some tomato and carrot juice, seedless cucumber, chopped celery and a touch of lemon juice. Leave as is or blend for a smoother texture.
After blending add a coulee of first cold pressed olive oil. For photo click Here.

There are as many salsas as there are imaginations. Use yours and create something new.
Knock yourself out and add some cubed mangos or peaches.

Bon Appetit !
2 medium diced tomatoes
1 medium diced onion
1 chopped bell pepper
1 chopped clove garlic
1/2 ts cayenne
2 1/2 OZ tomato paste
1 tbs honey
3 Oz V8 juice
(mixed vege juice)


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