Caramelized Salmon Fillet
(with citrus salsa)

Thaw fish, if frozen. Stir together honey, orange zest, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Rub honey mixture into the flesh of the salmon (not on the skin side). Place fish honey side up in a glass baking dish, cover and refrigerate for 8 up to 24 hrs.

For salsa: combine the shredded orange peel, chopped oranges, pineapple, parsley / cilantro, echalotes and jalepeno pepper in a mixing bowl, cover and chill until ready to serve (up to 24 hrs).

This piece of salmon can either be cooked at 350 degrees in the oven for 20 minutes or grilled 15 minutes or until the fish flakes easily when tested with a fork.

To serve : cut fish into serving-sized pieces, cutting to but not through the skin. Carefully spatula the fish away from it's skin, place on a plate and spread salsa to taste.

1 1/2 lbs salmon fillet (1in thick)
2 tbs unpasteurized honey
or Maple syrop
1 1/2 ts orange zest
1 ts sea salt
1/4 ts ground pepper
1 ts fine shredded orange peel
2 sectioned, peeled
and chopped oranges
1 cup chopped pineapple
2tbs parsley / cilantro
1 small chopped echalote
1 chopped jalepeno pepper

Classy Fish
Stoke up the flavor of your favorite grillables with a splash of citrus, a toss of crunchy fruit or a sprinkling of fresh herbs. With a light and fresh approach to seasonings the heat of the grill will melt the honey caramelizing it to a golden brown. The fresh pineapple and orange studded salsa provides a lively accompaniment. Honey and salmon are members of the Wonderfood group outlined in this site (oily fish). Can be served with a fresh salad or couscous.

Fancy and Flavorful !

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