French Onion Soup

Firstly, you will need to toast your bread on both sides using your oven's broiler.(It's drier than with a toaster)

In a sturdy pot place the loosely cut onions, the beer and the garam marsala. Stir over a high heat for about ten minutes. Add worcestershire sauce and the broth and allow to cook over medium heat for 30 minutes. Check seasonings and add salt & pepper to taste.

Pour mix into oven-friendly bowls evenly distributing the onions. Now cut out the bread so that it fits just snuggly inside the mouth of the bowl. Evenly spread out the grated low-fat cheese over the toasted bread and sprinkle the parsley/chives over the top and broil 5 minutes or until golden.

YUM !!!
4 lrg onions (spanish or white)
1 bottle beer (not light)
1 tbs garam marsala
(see Indian Kebabs)
1 tbs worcestershire sauce
4 quarts (liters) broth
4 thick slices country bread
1 cup grated low-fat cheese
1/4 cup chopped parsley/chives

The Real Deal
The key ingredients for this type of soup are :
The beer (of your choice, not light beer), the worcestershire sauce and the garam marsala.*For the reicipe see Indian Lamb Kebab
You can use either chicken, vegetable or lamb broth or a combo of either or the others. Onion soup can also be served without the "gratine", and to do that you eliminte the cheese, break up the toasted bread and spread it on the bottom of the bowl BEFORE adding the onions and broth.
Don't want to eat it now? Let the mix cool before adding the bread and cheese, then when assembled place in a oven to freezer container and freeze. (It'll thaw when you heat it later)
Some of the greatest properties of onions is that they help in protecting against cold and the flu. For more please see "Wonderfoods" in this site. Got some leftover broth? Use it to cook some fish or skinless chicken.
A Complete Lunch !

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