The Food Guide to additives and chemicals

In this area we are offering you, the visitor, links to sites that devulge the various chemicals and additives used in the production and perservation of processed foods.

By clicking on the links you will be exposed to extremely valuable information concerning the additives that are used in the preparation, packaging, manufacturing and preservation of many foods that are commonly found in any variety of grocery outlets in many countries around the globe.

The guides have grown in international recognition as first rate resources for research in Universities, Corporations and for individuals alike.

Their tireless efforts have brought us these ready to use guides for hundreds of additives found in numerous products and helps us to understand their importance as to how these impact our daily health.

These links are being brought to you as a courtesy of Health@ Life Research Universal .

The first of these is : Chemical Cuisine, showing a varied list of additives and chemicals that have as varied an impact on your health, some have even been banned in several countries for many years.

The following are : Truth in Labeling Carbos & MSG .
These are links to sites dealing with MSG and it's effect on the body.

Artificial Sweeteners : Nexus DorWay Rense
An expose on the artificial sweeteners producers.

And last : Additives Guide , listing hundreds of additives that are commonly used in food preparations.

Also of importance is to know how to read labels, and for this we offer you :
Nutrition Labelling

Health Dept

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