Fire 'n Ice Rice Salad

Combine the rice, shrimp, papaya and black beans in a medium bowl. In another bowl we prepare the vinaigrette with the hot sauce, honey, lime juice, garlic and oil. Mix well. Pour over the rice mixture and toss well.
Serve immediately or you can keep it for up to 6 hours refridgerated. Serve with the greens of your choice. Garnish with cilantro or parsley.

This mix can be served as a cold salad or as a side dish to a main course. Also, it makes a great stuffing for fish, baked bell peppers or baked tomatoes.

Replace the shrimp by Tofu and this is also an excellent main dish for a vegetarian diet; serve it hot!

Papaya can be replaced by dried apricots, chopped pineapple or chopped dates for a Maroccan flare. Add some mint.

Refreshing !
2 cups cooked / chilled white rice
6OZ cooked shrimp
1/2 cup cooked black beans
1 ripe peeled,seeded and chopped papaya
1/3 cup hot sauce
2 tbs honey
2 tbs fresh lime juice
2 tbs 1st cold pressed olive oil
chopped garlic to taste
Romain/spinach leaves
2 tbs cilantro/parsley

Flexible Rice
Some interesting facts you probably didn't know about rice:
•  It is the staple food for more than half of the world. •  It was first cultivated by the early patriarchs. •  Rice provides over 50% of man's daily food requirements.•  One pound of rice gives you four times the food energy of the same amount of potatoes or pasta.•  Forty thousand rice varieties are known to exist. •  A person in Burma eats 500 lbs of rice per year. The average American only consumes 20 lbs of rice per year. Of that 20 lbs per year, 4 lbs is attributed to the brewing of beer.
•  90% of rice's calories comes from complex carbohydrates (rice is 80% starch and 20% water).It contains almost no fat, is cholesterol-free and low in sodium. A good source of fiber, a fair source of protein...containing all 8 essential amino acids. All that and it's cheap, cheap, cheap !

A short list of diffent types of rice :
• Aromatic • Black Japonica • Brown • Glutinous • Italian • Jasmine
• Long-grain • Medium-grain • Par-boiled(converted) • Sushi • Valencia
• Wehani • White • Wild

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