The Total Approach

( vol.1 part 3 )

This is third in a series of responses dealing with Healing and Disease. If one is to choose to follow natural means and methods in disease prevention and healing, then we must understand the workings of those methods. This is our reply.


This brings to mind a, "definition of a doctor : a man who entertains a patient with stories while Nature performs the cure". Actually the true doctor must do more than that. He must teach the patient how to increase his resistance against disease and prevent future illness by improved ways of eating and living. He must be an expert in not only the treatment of disease, but in instructing his patients in how to build a vigorous and glowing health of body and mind. This is the definition of a new breed of doctor, the doctor of the future, the doctor of biological medicine.

Therefore, it behooves all practitioners of the healing arts be it allopathic, naturopathic, osteopathic, homeopathic or chiropractic, to familiarize themselves with the therapeutic uses of foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and juices and to use this new knowledge in the management of their patients. Both doctors and patients should keep in mind that :

"If doctors of today will not become the nutritionists of tomorow - the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorow."

For too long official medicine has ignored nutrition as a valid factor in causation and treatment of disease, but the truth cannot be ignored indefinetly. It will invariably come out into the open, and the undisputable truth which is coming forth more convincingly with each passing year, is that nutrition is singularly the most important factor affecting health and disease.

This fact is now being universally recognized by all responsible and open-minded scientists as well as by laymen. This is so self-evident that it is incomprehensible how our modern medical "sciences" can continue to insist that, "what you eat has nothing to do with your health". There simply could be no healing without proper nutrition. Nutrition is unquestionably the most important factor in building and maintaining health and correcting disease. All the other modalities, be it drugs, surgery, manipulations, acupuncture, hydro-electro-magneto-therapy you name it ! can be useful and have their place in the arsenal of treatments, but they will fail in most cases unless the corrective and supportive nutritional therapy is given priority.

Is nutrition the only important factor in health and disease, doesn't men's mind play the decisive role ?

Relaxation and peace of mind and of soul are very important health-promoting factors, perhaps the most important. These are what modern man needs most of all in order to live a long and happy life in good health. It has been scientifically established that emotional stresses and disturbances can cause practically every disease in the medical dictionary including arthritis, ulcers, constipation, asthma, strokes, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, engina, glandular disturbances ect... Extensive research into medical literature done by J.I.Rodale indicates that,"happy people rarely get cancer". Unhappiness, deprivation of love, loneliness, constant fear, anxiety, depression, worries, all these emotional stresses and tensions can interfere with your normal bodily functions and may leed to serious illness.

There are many factors that contritbute to optimum health. Nutrition is one very important factor, but relaxation, peace of mind, positive outlook on life, contented spirit, absence of envy and jealousy, cheerful disposition, love of mankind and faith in God, these are all powerful health-promoting factors without which optimum health cannot be achieved.

Perhaps we should add here that all the endeavors for attaining better physical health would be wasted unless the healthy body is used as a worthy temple for the spirit to dwell and develop in. The purpose of life is not just the building of a magnificient body, or living a long life, but rather perfecting and refining our devine spirit and becoming more Jesus-like. The real purpose of having good health is to prepare a way for our spiritual growth and perfection.



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