Healing & Disease

( vol.1 part 1 )

The response you are about to read came after we received a letter in which the writer had asked about how it was possible to "catch" some kind of "germ" that was "going around". This is our reply.


" In the last two hundred years there has been a very rapid growth in the chemical-for-biology sciences, which has degenerated medical thinking and has hindered the healing arts. In spite of the laurels and praises about how medicine has "progressed", the 20th century will probably be known as the "dark ages" of the healing arts. As unbelievable as it may appear, the modern approach to healing is not that much different than that of the early "voodoo" solutions.

The main difference is that instead of "evil spirits" we are now being told about "evil germs", "bacteria" or "viruses" which attack their unwitting, and undeserving victims. We are told that diseases can be "caught", and that these "evil germs" are "going around" attacking the innocent. The modern medical practitioners' job is to drive out or counter-attack these forces of "evil" by the "magic" of the pill or injection, and by such rescue the innocent victims from these vicious attackers.

The more natural approach to disease is based rather on the body's resistance being weakened by health-destroying living habits as well as physical and emotionally charged stress levels. The other factors, such as the ever present "bacteria" only come into play in the latter stages when the natural order dictates that the organism is in a state of weakened disrepair and poor resistance.

The basic causes for disease are: the systematic derangement, bio-chemical and metabolic disorder resulting from prolonged physical and mental stresses, such as weak nutritional paterns, constant over-eating, over consumption of proteins and the body's inability to properly digest them. Other factors are toxic drugs, tobacco, alcohol, the lack of proper exercise, rest and relaxation, ect...These health-destroying factors bring about derangements in all bodily functions and, as such, gradually lower resistance to disease. Thus, natural medicine considers not the bacteria, but rather the weakened organism and it's lowered resistance level as the primary cause for disease. Bacteria is more often than not the result of disease and not it's cause.

Therefore, the only effective way to get rid of the disease is to get rid of the source of the problem. All of the aforementioned causes for ill-health must be corrected before health can be restored. When supported by proper nutrition, and natural therapies the underlying causes of ill-health are removed, and the "disease" will disappear. This is not because we have "cured" them, but because the factors that made it possible for these diseases to exist have been removed and thus health is returned....end of part one.

Part two: Disease...our misunderstood friend.



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