Fat-Burning Cabbage Soup

For this fat burning cabbage soup we recommend that you use only the freshest and preferably organic vegetables that you can find. Due to it's low fat content it can be enjoyed at will and with the addition of Jalepenos or Habanero peppers will also help speed up the metabolism and expand the blood vesels enabling a greater flow of oxygen to all major organs.

The Ingredients:
- One head of cabbage, coarsely chopped.
- six cloves chopped
- two thinly sliced zuchinis.
- two coarsely chopped carrots.
- two stalks of celery chopped thinly.
- one finely chopped onion.
- 4 large diced tomatoes.
- one large cubed chicken breast.
- eight cups vegetable or chicken broth.
- raw honey to taste
- Jalepenos, Habenero or Cayenne peppers to taste.

The Method:
Combine all ingredients in a large soup pot. Cover and bring to a boil, and once it has reached a rollingboil, reduce heat and simmer for an additional 20 minutes. This makes about 10 healthy servings. Herbs may also be added to enhance taste at the simmering stage.

If a lighter version is wanted then substitute the broth for spring water. Chicken may be substituted for lamb shanks or turkey breast. Vegetarians may want to opt for chick peas (see "Cooking Legumes") or use the canned type instead of meat. Spinach can also be added as can also two to three tablespoons of tomato paste and/or coarely cut beets for added flavour and colour. This fat burning cabbage soup an be enjoyed year round, and it's enhanced metabolizing effects is an excellent cleanser for the digestive system.


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