Santa Fe Barley Salad

In a bowl mix barley, lima beans, the red bell pepper. In another bowl stir in the garlic, tomato juice, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro / parsley, cummin, oregano and the hot sauce.

Pour the "dressing" over the Salad and mix well.

This salad can be made up to 4 hours ahead and kept covered in the refridgerator.

Serve on a bed of Romain lettuce.

Variables may include mushrooms sauteed in broth, tomatoes, zuchinni. For an Italian flare add a good quality Italian cheese. Excellent on it's own or a great side for seafood. Try it as a salad pita ! This mix can be eaten hot or cold and makes good stuffing for cabbage rolls, winter squash, baked tomatoes...

Good Stuff !
2cups cooked/rinced barley
1cup cooked baby lima beans
1finely sliced seeded red bell pepper
chopped garlic to taste
1/3cup tomato juice
juice of 2fresh limes
2tbs 1st cold pressed olive oil
2tbs chopped fresh parsley or cilantro
1ts ground cummin
1ts dry oregano
hot sauce to taste
1 Romain lettuce

Healthy and Economical
Barley has a reputation for being the toughest grain around. Able to withstand drought and floods. The Biblical patriachs were some of the first recorded barley eaters, and from the foundation of the world figured out how to grind barley for flour and "brewing". Here's another little secret that has been around a long time. Barley makes it bigger: That pot of soup you want to stretch, add barley. One cup of dry barley expands up to four times it's volume when added to soup. Two cups of cooked barley offer the same amout of protein as a glass of milk without the saturated fat and cholesterol. From barley you get protein, niacin,thiamin and potassium. You can find barley hulled, pearl, grits or flaked. Follow cooking directions on the package. Some serving ideas: Hot barley w/skimmed milk and honey. Barley Pilaf, Barley Risotto, Barley and vegetable casserole, Barley and beans, Vegetable Barley chowder.Ouff !

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